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Sunday, March 14, 2010

ze post !

uihh, its been a while since the last post, ye la busy last sem kn. so many brain generating works need to be done on time. pfft ! ok2, so wht did i do fr tday. o yea, i woke up around 12pm, sbb smlm lpak with my friends till pukol bpe ntah, ye la, susah nk jmpe. gelak cm org gile + skt perot = awesomeness ! thn, kelam kabot pack barang nk head bck to jementah <3 . cm biase, before nk balik, peluk n cium my amazing ibu & ayah. ZE AMAZING ! then, bla bla bla. lpas tu smpai jementah, terkejot berok sbb our jiran, buat wedding. indian nye wedding. best la, colourful + music all around. kunyit was dancing inside our hse, try nk ikot beat lagu umah depan. aduh ! thn, aki dtg umah.. thn main guitar cm org gile. then suddnly yus bersuare, 'JOM MINUM!'. haaaaa!! kitorg g la minum kt kdai sebelah masjid. thn after a while, aki blah sbb nk g jmpe die nye missus. hehe. yus pn tbe2, cte bout his problem. so dgar la die cite problem die. haihh.. kesian2. dh nazak dh problem yus ni. x mcm gay plak ktrg grai tu, lpak 2 org cite problem dh mcm perempuan nk dekat sejam lebih. lepas dh rase cm agak gay situation tu, we decided to balik. thn balik la, balik2 kunyit bercerite psal ruygb..hahaha ! sampai la skrg die cite. ni die ngah cite ni. i layan je la while writing this post. ahah ! layan kn je la kunyit ni. srry nyit.ok got to go, kunyit dh marah. die jealous sbb x layan die. die kate,' ko syg blog dari aku ke midzi ? ' hahaah ! kesian. kurang kasih sayang kot. ok la got to go ! peace out !

Monday, March 1, 2010

Thanks For The 5 Mins Visit

skrg dh kol 3.46a.m. x boleh tdo, sbb td dh tdo lame gle plus i need to finish off stdying taxation, sbb test tmrw nite ! haihh.. bt i'm done with it.huahuhaa ! bangge gle. then, i decided to rest sat, and go to 7e to but some snacks. cmne x gmok. gle ke ape mkn pagi2 bute ! suddenly, mase ngh drve, tbe2 rase cm...ntah.. i miss having someone around. i know its lame bt ntah, agak happy la sbb this weird feeling came so sudden. sbb dh setahun lebih dh xrase cmni. selalunye rase cm, 'oh, ala, its fun la having no one around, u get to go out with anyone without kene marah or rase cuak ( ayat bajet player )'. ahhaha. lame ??? I KNOW ! tu la, sddnly rase cm, 'ala, best nye if i have my own sweety bubbly companion'. gadoh2 psal bende kecik with ur bf/gf. at least u have something to worry about. cm skrg, if i went out with my friends, most of them akan bawak gf/bf diorg, or kalo x pn mase ngah mkn rmai2, smue ngah texting on the phone, or 10minutes gayot. but me.... nothing ! x de la nothing, loser sgt tu, vhahahaha ! ade la org text but thats it je la. org tu text ckp 'hye mdzi !' then after a minute 'bye midzi !' ahahah! adoyai. but yaa, i miss having someone around, i miss the fights, the tampar menampar thing or whatever. bt ape2 pn, i'll just wait for that special someone to come. i knw she will. and she will have one heck of a life. ya Allah, romanticnye aku ! ahuahu ! i'll crush u ! x de la.. i'll be there for u ( apesal ayat geli sgt nie ! ) kalo my beautiful ibu nmpak ni, habis ! . ayat favourite die akan kuar, which is, ' GATAI TELO' ! '.. ahhaa ! she is ze coolest mother ever oky ! but whatever it is, time will tell, for the mean time, i'll be behaving like a 5year old.. pfft !.. ok la, dh letih dh mate ni. going to bed ! GOODNIGHT M'SIA !

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