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Monday, February 8, 2010

Slipknot in Uitm !

haaaa ! sape kate slipknot x lpas masok malaysia. after 2 hours of intensive rugby training, i decided to head bck to jementah. tp baru nk kuar uitm nye main gate tibe2 yus jerit, ' SLIPKNOT !'. ahahhahahaha! so, i pon tgok laa on my left side, then i saw 'them'. yus pon suro i slow down kete sbb nk snap photo..

mak ai.. ganas gle diorg ni.. tp ble smpai malaysia......

vhahahahha ! x mcm comel pulak diorg kt malaysia. vhahahhaha!

Friday, February 5, 2010

from jementah to shah alam..

hmm.. after a loooong week of stressfulness my housemates and i decided on heading to shah alam to chill with our good friend afan. it was a fun driving experience.aha. bngok. then stop sat kt RnR ayer keroh to hve our dinner

yus enjoying his nasi lemak

this is api.vahahaha!

then we continue our way balik umah.. then, the next day, afan ajak tgok 'adnan sempit' . best la movie tu. then afan ajak lpak dataran sunway damansara. die nk makan kt pak li. haih, kt shh alam pak li, lpak luar shh alam pak li. pening la cm ni afan. tp nk buat cmne, kene ikot big boss. ahaha...

afan aka the big boss with his good friend enjoying the night

vahaha ! anip anip...

anip, apsal la muke ko smue pelik na. adoyyaii..

Me Three!!!