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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

football is love....

YES! here are some of the photos which shows hw happy they are to be paid weekly.. and some of them are jst stupid and MOST of the love 'ballet' too much. THUMBS UP!

'change my diaper mummy....!'


'i just want to FLY, FLY FLY babeyh!'

rooney, 'ashley! ,there's a spider on the ball !
ashley, ' alrite, i'll go check'

'look mummy! i'm flying. i'm flying !'

man city star 'likes' rooney a lot

craig bellamy revealed about his thoughts of wayne rooney.

" I like Rooney a lot,”
said Bellamy. “Even when the team isn’t playing well and he isn’t playing well, he is still involved. Listen, if you were in a war, you would want to go to war with Rooney. No doubt about that.



Saturday, December 26, 2009

goodbye j =0(...

ala, awal gle balik sarawak j. chill la dlu. aha. baru ingt nk lpak2. dh la kt srwak, but whtever. please take gud care of urself buddy. will c u mid nxt year! hve fun in srwk!

bye2 j! hve a safe trip! see u later buddy =0)

friends to die for !

its weird in any way that i could not live without having crack heads around me. aha. they are jun fun to hangout with. those lame jokes are still funny eventhough dh bnyk kali diorg repeat it. these are friends that u could depend on and would help u no matter what. good men + good friends + fun! = to die for =0]

raya at sally's and this is only one third of the geng.

yg buat 'peace' sign tu is available! ahaha!


lim a.k.a 'halim' a malay version of john lennon !

at the end of the day, letih gle lpak sbb gelak plus kenyang and a bloody awesome day !

Friday, December 25, 2009

2010 will rock asia !

2010 will rock the hell out of south east asia !. tons of bands will be performing in singapore, manila, indonesia and malaysia. those bands are, saosin, paramore, cobra starship, taking back sunday and lamb of god. for the time being, saosin is the only band that has been confirmed to rock out in malaysia. for paramore and the other bands, they are no news saying that they'll stop by in malaysia as one of their tour route =( . hopefully, they'll land in malaysia and have a hell rock out experince in malaysia, like the other concerts that had been organized here.



.taking back sunday live in jakarta in march 2010 !

saosin is coming to malaysia on the 1st feb 2010 !! rock on !

on the 7th of march 2010 they'll be rocking at singapore indoor stadium.
and on the 9th in manila.

for more information, checkout,

Thursday, December 24, 2009

joke of the day..

this mamak was taking our order at some restaurant, when suddenly he said, ' coco ais x de la bos & prrooootttt...' he farted. dang it. loss my appetite totally. pfft...

Monday, December 21, 2009

dashboard confessional

the band plays beautiful songs all the way that could create some kind of calmness in ur head. its an emo band, but it plays music that is too good not to listen to. the lyrics and the music are awesome. i wish they could plan on coming to malaysia and rock the nation. it would be a full house for sure. the voice of chris carabba itself is beautiful. his voice could fill a room in flash. thats how cool dashboard confessional is. enjoy any of their songs and lay back...


their new album out now !

family gathering !

again, another family gathering since cousin2 smue cuti skolah. it was fun having everybody around. the pictures might be a little bit blur, bt whatever. its better to hve something thn nothing.aha..

it was a fine morning. so calm. and everybody was enjoying the food and ibu's special made puding.hehe

little amalina comel gle baboon. gram nye la hai. she loves to dance. aha

aunty uncle smue having fun at the living room. pak lang was telling his jokes as usual. cracks everyone for sure.

they were babbling about spm la plkn la. ape bende ntah. ke scandal?ahaha

eee!! GRAM !! she was chewing limau tu lame gle kot.aha. sumpah comel gle

ahaha !

see! still chewing limau. grrr !!

thats firdaus, amalinas brother. after chewing limau lame2, finally... Zzz..

at the end of the day, eventhough not feeling well + letih, i'm still smiling though. it was fun ! will have them over again some other time. PEACE !

nasi lemak triple 2 here we come !

as a result of kitorang 'injured' x dpt join bdak lain play futsal , we decided pgi makan. amad, mosen, jaue, amin, rahman & myself pg makanan nasi lemak + otak2. nice !

nampak simple, bt sambal die terbaik. ala, price pn is ok la. rm1.20 kot satu.
otak2 die pn terbaik, besar. satu bakul rm2.50 kot. ade 5 bijik. heh

jaue sebat dlu makanan. biase la, gmok kn. ahah !

tgok muke jaue, happy gle dpt mkn. funny la jaue ni. chihik. oo, and kt sini sup kambing die pn sedap gle baboon gak. wajib try kalo dtg.

see ! habis sebakul otak2 amad sebat. terbaik gak la.
eligible bachelor section 7 shah alam !. ahaha

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Trick Baru Nk Tinted Tingkap Kete Without Kene Saman

one of my friends suggested to faaiz hafifi, saying that kalo nk tinted kete boleh. nk tinted 100% ke 200% ke boleh without kene saman. die ckp, lpas tinted je tingkap kete, g jmpe doctor mintak surat sakit kulit. pastu kalo road block kene tahan, standby payong and kuar kete, then ckp, ' encik, saye sakit kulit encik, ni surat doctor'. CONFIRM LEPAS! this sounds stupid bt somehow it might work. SHIBBY !

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

'Think Outside The Box' Paid Off Well!

I had an interview yesterday. it went well. the interview was about 'why are you interested with this particular organization'. so, he asked, 'what qualifications do u have" and blablabla.... and he asked me, 'where do u see ureself in the next 50 years?'. my fellow classmates had problems answering this question. but i, midzi, answer it with full-confidence and calmness. i answered' dead probably'. my lecturer laughed his ass-off. and he said 'brilliant'. u'll get a full mark and a special mark later. and i said, 'thank u sir, ure the best'. and he said, ' BRILLIANT!'. SHIBBY!!...

How Smart Students Can Be..

I used to answer this question agak panjang, but actually agak snang.


ye la. die suro expand kan. peter is right la. ape laa..!

this is AWESOME!

The question is' "How would you verify that the mutants identified by phenotype in your screem are true loss of function mutations?" .. die terlebih paham 'mutants'. aiceyh!
this is how smart student can be...! BRILLIANT!

haaa.. it makes sense right?hahha!

for a tough question, this dude came up with his own personal solution. SMART!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

yeah baby!

performing live aritists - N.E.R.D , Butterfingers, Nidji, The Otherside Orchestra, They Will Kill Us All, Estranged, Hujan, Meet Unce Hussain, Estrella and so many more. and if i'm not mistaken, Coldplay and Katy Perry are coming also. so, check it out on rock on lads. peace!

Jason Mraz Kicking It in Malaysia!

Come on fellow music lovers. lets gather around to see this cool dude giving it all out in stadium negara on the 4th of march. it seems that, malaysia has been one of the favourite countries that gifted musicians like to rock in. yeah! my friend has seen this guy performing in melbourne and he said it was a one hell rocking mind blowing night. i cant wait to see this guy performing ( if i could la). i've been a fan for this dude since his songs popped kt television, radio and other shits. hah! so, hopefully i can see this dude on the stage la.haha. i really do. so, get the tickets lads , and have a rocket night. peace!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

road trippin'!

after a tiring 3rd semester in university, we decided to go relaxing. haha! keco baboon la. disebabkn duit yg tidak mencukupi kami hanye pergi ke ulu yam, and from ulu yam to port dickson. ala, kalo duit cukop pon pgi sane gak.hahaha! adoiii.. best doh. woi, ble nk grak agi niee.hah. on this trip - mdzi,aboy,nuar,ud,ijam,syafiq,zhafir,amad,wan,bam,mohsin,rahman

aboy, amende ko sengeh2 nie. seronok plak ko dh sampai kt gombak.haha.

pergh, bkn main relax lagi ko syfq.ngirap gak aku.hah

hahaha! cm biase la wan kn.haha. tapi serious doh, aku dpt ayam skit je. hot dog x yah citer la. amad la ni kuat mencuri.haih.. geraaaam je aku.

from left : mohsin, aboy, zhafir, syafq, amad..

haha. bajet jambu. wan lagi jambu la.haha!

haha.sumpah style doh mase nie. tapi api dier dh x bnyk la. sbenarnye kitg buat api ni, planning nk panggang wan.haha.

haha. tu la. tido lame sgt syfq. bangun2 dh x btol dh.haha. pergh, best gle siot air die time nie. terbaekk....!

haha. adoii. ko bukan ngh duduk kt area air yg teras gle tu ke.haha. nmpak sngt ko lagi 'kuat' dari air wan.haha. air nk tolak ko pon x leyh. ok la tu.
haha. rahman comeyl la siot ngn camera la , cap die la.hahha. amad paling cool.haha. ko ngh buat pe tu aboy???. pidon laa.

haha. tayar kete zfr letop lak time otw nk grak pd.haha. adoii, sape la dudok kat side tu smpai tayar letop.hmmmm.hahaha!
haha! apsal muke ko cam tu boyy.haha! zhfr relax je.tayar kete dh ltop bleh snap photos agi.haha. pantang nampak camera.
rhman, style doh number ko sign board tu.haha. ko ni mmg la, bdk2 ngah serabot psal tayar keter zhfr ko bleh lpak snap2 gmbr. cool sngt ko nie man.haha

finally, smpai gk pd.. adoii, sdeyh la siot kene balik time nie teman zhfr
wan paling cool. man, nape mandi pkai baju man. ala, keco la. kate nk tunjuk six packs ko. ape cite nie man.

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