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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

'Think Outside The Box' Paid Off Well!

I had an interview yesterday. it went well. the interview was about 'why are you interested with this particular organization'. so, he asked, 'what qualifications do u have" and blablabla.... and he asked me, 'where do u see ureself in the next 50 years?'. my fellow classmates had problems answering this question. but i, midzi, answer it with full-confidence and calmness. i answered' dead probably'. my lecturer laughed his ass-off. and he said 'brilliant'. u'll get a full mark and a special mark later. and i said, 'thank u sir, ure the best'. and he said, ' BRILLIANT!'. SHIBBY!!...

How Smart Students Can Be..

I used to answer this question agak panjang, but actually agak snang.


ye la. die suro expand kan. peter is right la. ape laa..!

this is AWESOME!

The question is' "How would you verify that the mutants identified by phenotype in your screem are true loss of function mutations?" .. die terlebih paham 'mutants'. aiceyh!
this is how smart student can be...! BRILLIANT!

haaa.. it makes sense right?hahha!

for a tough question, this dude came up with his own personal solution. SMART!

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