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Sunday, September 26, 2010

throw it away ?? NOT !

haaaa ! as a normal guy, dude, laki2, 'jantan' bilik mesti lah bersepah. ahaha. sometimes my beautiful ibu selalu tgor sbb bilik bersepah sgt. thts not all, i like to keep things that are obviously rubbish tp i rase cm syg nk buanh. hehe.. sometimes bende2 bodoh je, as some kdai nye receipt, my bank account balance and mcm2 la. its stpd i knw. adoiyaiii. then smlm suddenly, teringat my ayah and ibu. so, i teringat ibu slalu marah sbb ske simpan rubbish. so i bukak la my wallet, and guess wht... BNYK GILE BENDE2 YG X PATOT ADE. ..ahahah.. then i try to separate kn la mane nk buat buang, mane nk simpan kn. last2, semua i buang except for this particular paper. which my handsome ayah gave to me, mase cuti sem lpas. ye laaa, time cuti sem xkeje so x de duit, then ayah sometimes selitkn la duit skit dlm my wallet. and he put this note...


Saturday, September 25, 2010

WORKLOADS and kisses

today i s saturday, tp still busy gle buat assignment. amende ni !! parkinson migraine smue leh kene la kalo everyday cmni. stressfull ! tp nasib baik la foods kt jementah ni murah2. haaaaa ! makanan = penenang hati. tu la badan skrg pon 'kecik' gile.. ye la. sehari makan sampai 5/6 kali. x gile ke name nye u. i blame it all on my 'bachelor in business admin' nye assessments. ahaha. adoiy. i'm goin crazy. final exam dh dekat. lg la stress. kepale nasib baik x botak tgah. nasib baik i still steady = hensem. ahaha ! and ya ALLAH !! i would be grateful gle baboon kalo dpt chill ngn my family. seriously i would. and i miss muhammad kaisan MBA gle2. lookin forward to see u kaisan !!! ok la. i hve to gt bck to work. shhhhhh.. WORKLOADSSSS BABEYH !. peace out !

kaisan the bomb ! =D

paramore live in malaysia !

haaaa ! fans ramai gak bising psal paramore tour asia but x singgah malaysia before this. but they are coming this october ! tix dh lame dh available. go and get them. and fr those yg nk enjoy depan skali nye seating but x cukop budget, ade cara fr u to get it. i mean the rm300++ nye tix. u can visit sbb die ade buat sms nye competition. hadiah die tix to the concert(rock zone) la plus ngn "meet and greet pass" to see paramore right infront of ur freaking eyes. this is a daily nye competition. everyday ade new winner. soooooo, go and try ur luck ! it might be your lucky day ! *wink wink*

Thursday, September 2, 2010

and this is why i dont use michelin tyre =D

haaa ! my friends pkai silverstone je and never michelin. oky, then i asked them la. why ?? is it tougher ? better ? cheaper ? WHY WHY WHY!!?? .. and they just show me these stuffs without a word coming out from their mouths. and i was like HOWOHOOOHOOOWW ! hope u do too =D

then, they thought at one point, there should be a 'black' michelin. maybe things would be different. and.....

sighhhhhh !!!!

Me Three!!!