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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How Smart Students Can Be..

I used to answer this question agak panjang, but actually agak snang.


ye la. die suro expand kan. peter is right la. ape laa..!

this is AWESOME!

The question is' "How would you verify that the mutants identified by phenotype in your screem are true loss of function mutations?" .. die terlebih paham 'mutants'. aiceyh!
this is how smart student can be...! BRILLIANT!

haaa.. it makes sense right?hahha!

for a tough question, this dude came up with his own personal solution. SMART!


Ibu said...

Dear abangcik, you really put a smile (wait a minute!! not just a smile but like what we normally say "gelak sampai keras perut!") Those answers were just brilliant especially read by someone who is really down.... Love you. Thanks midzi!!!

budak hitam said...

funny giler.. x penah bc blog org tergelak2 smpi mcm ni.. :)

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