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Monday, December 21, 2009

family gathering !

again, another family gathering since cousin2 smue cuti skolah. it was fun having everybody around. the pictures might be a little bit blur, bt whatever. its better to hve something thn nothing.aha..

it was a fine morning. so calm. and everybody was enjoying the food and ibu's special made puding.hehe

little amalina comel gle baboon. gram nye la hai. she loves to dance. aha

aunty uncle smue having fun at the living room. pak lang was telling his jokes as usual. cracks everyone for sure.

they were babbling about spm la plkn la. ape bende ntah. ke scandal?ahaha

eee!! GRAM !! she was chewing limau tu lame gle kot.aha. sumpah comel gle

ahaha !

see! still chewing limau. grrr !!

thats firdaus, amalinas brother. after chewing limau lame2, finally... Zzz..

at the end of the day, eventhough not feeling well + letih, i'm still smiling though. it was fun ! will have them over again some other time. PEACE !

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