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Saturday, January 31, 2009

magical mus!

on the night of somewhere around january 09, i went to hangout with my schoolmates. i was agak bored la mase tu. then my friend ckp, die nk try to light a lighter by using his tummy..
haaa!! his name is mus. die yg ckp nk try tu. the guy yg tgh massaging mus tu khidir. mus pakse die so that his body can relax and light the lighter. mmg la xbleyh nk caye kan. mane la ade org bleyh light a lighter pkai prot but the way he explained mase tu kt kitorg on how lighter tu bleyh light by using his tummy agak bleyh percaye la. he explained by using his scientific method la.haha.tu yg kitorg agak was-was tu.haihh..

oky. this is how he placed the lighter. dier ckp kene tggu 15minutes baru bleyh. then we waited la kn.

dh nk dkat half an hour tggu. tgok2 dier tertido.perghhh! tension gle la siot. sbabkan kitorang smue tension, kitorg bia je mus kt situ and kitorang pon blk la umah.hahah.padan muke ko mus tido sorg2 kt situ.haha. sdeyh gle baboon la siot kne tipu

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