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Friday, February 6, 2009

I 'Crashed' That Morning, heh!

it was on sunday morning, if i'm not mistaken mase tu early feb 09. i was getting ready nk balik uitm sgamat. it was one hectic morning. packing blom abis and i felt really tired that day sebab the night before i had problem tuckd-in myself into bed. i dnt know why. i feel like something was bothering me. i was f-ing frustrated. so, i decided to watch movies until 8a.m in the morning. then i mandi sebab my bus pukol 9.30am. so, after mandi i get all my things and ready nk g bus station. my awesome ayah was sending me to the station. my beautiful ibu x ikot, sebab she said die x larat nk antar. so, i dont mind la. kesian kt my ibu. then, my ayah dh masok dlm kete, waiting for me to get out of the house. so, i pon gi la salam my ibu and hugged her. when, suddenly she cried. she said that, die xpercaye all her children dah besar and only ALLAH je tau how much my ayah and ibu sayang kt kitorang. i was crying like hell!!. then, rase berat hati gle nk balik uitm. i mean, i'm not anak manje or anything. but jst rase cam ntah laa..hahah.susah la nk describe. then, nk x nk i terpakse la pgi bus station. then kt sane, i terjumpe J which is a good friend of mine and her bf, izat pon ade skali mase tu. haha! after chit-chatting ngan dier ader bus 'cepat express' kitorg naik la. kitorang means azfar, atyn and min.heeh! i was holding the tixs. so i tanye la the bus driver tu, 'bus nie gi segamat eh?'. and dier cakap 'YE!'' so kitorang ngan slambernye naik la bus tu ngan pnuh confident that the bus nk gi segamat. when suddenly, the bus driver pekik ' BATU PAHAT , MUAR, BATU PAHAT, MUAR!'. hahaha! azfar ngan i terkejot brok la then, kitorang mintak balik ticket kt abang tu pastu turon. driver tu pidon laaa.haha. so dgan muke yg sgt2 tebal kitorang pun turon la bus.haha. then, ktrg nmpak another 'cepat express' then naik kitorang naik. FINALLY! the right bus.haha.and mase i nk kasi tickets kt bus driver tu die ckp, "adik ticket ni knape dh siap koyak, kalo x sabar nak balik pon relax la'.haha. then die gelak dengan nada yg sangat menjengkelkan.haha.tapi xpe abang tu saje nk melawak. so kitorang pon layan je la kpale dier yg crack tu.hua! relax je die menganjing kitorang. x mcam malu gle pulak kan. smue org dh pandang2 kitorang. tapi xpe, nasib baik azfar n i muke agak hensem, so xde la malu sgt.haha! then on my way bck, i teringt my ibu cried. and i cried from seremban until la simpang nk masok merlimau. x tahan gle. to think of it kan, i had an awesome gf mase skolah menengah, i like her gle baboon la mase tu. then, to think of it kan, i was sgt2 stupid not to have that deep feel of love kt my parents mase tu. and i've made up my mind, one day nk cari gf baru and ske dier ala kadar je la.haha! keco je.. i mean, most of the dudes and dudettes nowaday, dont give two shits about diorang nye parents but kalo ngan awek. PERGH!! baik punyaaa.haha. kalo parents ajak kuar, bnyk je excuses. letih la, bnyk homework la. but kalo awek diorang ajak, tros homeweok siap, letih hilang, smue oky.haha.stupid isnt it. i mean ape la sgt awek korg tu.kalo nk syg tu bleyh tapi skit beragak la sampai ignore korg nye parents. cube korg think, kalo la parents korg dah x de, korg bleyh live a wicked life without them ke? i mean if korang bleyh, then, korg nie sangt2 bodoh gle baboon and dtg jumpe aku bia aku jentik skit dahi korg.haha!. so, cube la pikir, if parents korg dh x de, then camne la korg nye life. i bet u'll regret for not make them feel number 1 in the world. and try to make them happy. make jokes ke, bwk diorang gi dinner ke. i mean things yg make them think yg korang care deeply for them. i mean, for me my ibu and ayah, are MY KING and QUEEN. so,THE MORAL OF THE STORY is kalo nk naik bus, tanye betol2. tanye 2,3 kali pon x pe. asalkn korg x salah bus.hauhua!

PERGH!!gle vogue diorang nie.hauhua!

haha. gle macho la! ish!.NUMBER 1 DAD! only ALLAH je tau how much i love this awesome man =0)

halamak! she is so beautiful! SUPER MOM! only ALLAH je tau how mch i love this lady =0)

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