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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

liver-fools fc fooling around to 'kill' team-mates

winter and liverpool fc struggling to catch up in top 4 spots in the EPL... wht has happened to the so called 'you'll never walk alone' tribe. now in seems that they are walking alone.. theres no more man utd, chelsea and arsenal close to them. come on man, i hvent seen liverpool putting a good show in a while. i mean, the way they play itself is boring. they used to put in a great show. great passes, skills and amazing goals but that was in the previous season. but for now, they are killing each other for fun, no more ' fernando tores scoring for fun'....

aquilani : ' i'm just happy to be here in anfield eventhough my team-mates suck '
mascherano : ' i suck, i think i should consider on 'dancing with the stars'
riera : ' i'm with u javier'

dieago cavalieri and sotiris kyrgiakos hve tons of fun staying on the bench and 'warm' each other..

torres : ' where the hell is benitez ! '

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