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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This is 'THE TITANS' !

yeah baby !.. it was a good day, in fact it was an awesome day because i get to drive a car all the way back to jementah. finally !!! heee.. and after 2 hours of driving from shah alam to jementah, kitorg ade friendly match between member2 je. best la ! the weather was nice, chilling it adds to my good day. hehe. kitorang play 10 aside rugby friendly, between titans team A and titans team B. titans A won but it was a close fight.

kunyit main balik after a long break sbb injured

yus with mr cameraman (anip)

see ! hw happy i am ! =D

mr ajis (the one without a uniform) enjoying himself

me and my 'indie' friend yusfadli showing his abs. bahahah!

blue color is for titans B and red for titans A

closer to make a try..

yus making a kick

me (11) and yus (13)


Bo the Nerd said...

Soalan+> kereta yang di pandu tu berbau macam mana sekarang?
harap tuan punya kereta nnt berpuas hati dgn keadaan kereta tu nnt..hmmm..

Nikel Khor said...

cool rubby

from Nikel Khor

nadia_saleh said...


Lavanya said...

Honey,, honey,, nice post,,,,

hentakbelipat said...

aku rase pnah lawan titans ni. UTM team pirates

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