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Saturday, September 25, 2010

paramore live in malaysia !

haaaa ! fans ramai gak bising psal paramore tour asia but x singgah malaysia before this. but they are coming this october ! tix dh lame dh available. go and get them. and fr those yg nk enjoy depan skali nye seating but x cukop budget, ade cara fr u to get it. i mean the rm300++ nye tix. u can visit sbb die ade buat sms nye competition. hadiah die tix to the concert(rock zone) la plus ngn "meet and greet pass" to see paramore right infront of ur freaking eyes. this is a daily nye competition. everyday ade new winner. soooooo, go and try ur luck ! it might be your lucky day ! *wink wink*


Encik MT said...

wow! kena pegi nie! hahaha!

pansy said...

ahaha ! pgi2 jgn x pg =P

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