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Sunday, September 26, 2010

throw it away ?? NOT !

haaaa ! as a normal guy, dude, laki2, 'jantan' bilik mesti lah bersepah. ahaha. sometimes my beautiful ibu selalu tgor sbb bilik bersepah sgt. thts not all, i like to keep things that are obviously rubbish tp i rase cm syg nk buanh. hehe.. sometimes bende2 bodoh je, as some kdai nye receipt, my bank account balance and mcm2 la. its stpd i knw. adoiyaiii. then smlm suddenly, teringat my ayah and ibu. so, i teringat ibu slalu marah sbb ske simpan rubbish. so i bukak la my wallet, and guess wht... BNYK GILE BENDE2 YG X PATOT ADE. ..ahahah.. then i try to separate kn la mane nk buat buang, mane nk simpan kn. last2, semua i buang except for this particular paper. which my handsome ayah gave to me, mase cuti sem lpas. ye laaa, time cuti sem xkeje so x de duit, then ayah sometimes selitkn la duit skit dlm my wallet. and he put this note...


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Sara Amelia said...

oh this is super sweet of your dad!

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